Paradisiac – A Summer Exhibition

The word 'paradisiac' relates to ideals of paradise, utopia or heaven and directly translated means 'delightful'.

To spend just a moment in a beautiful garden or interact with nature on a creative level has a 'paradisiac' effect on the spirit and the exhibition aims to explore the joy and enchantment that the natural world offers as a respite to the adversity in the world.

Participating artists include:                                                                                                                                                Nadine Hansen, Paula van Coller Louw, Madelein Marincowitz, Leila Fanner, Joshua Miles, Clare Menck, Luan Nel, Anton Karstel, Eugene Marais, Hanien Conradie, Lizel Otto, Linda Weaver, Miranda Crooks, Shane Copeland, Daya Heller, Alexis Schofield, Theo Paul Vorster, Therese Rink Streicher, Sarah Jarrett, Lientjie Wessels, Roelie van Heerden, Sarita Rheeder-Rosa, Sarah Walmsley, Rossouw van der Walt, Jonathan van der Walt, Andre Prinsloo and others